Vathi is the capital and the main port of the island, a small beautiful picturesque city with traditional architecture with a green all over scenery. Builded around a natural gulf, the ancient port Forkis where Odysseus had got off after his long journey, while in the entrance of the gulf “rise” a small island, called Lazareto!

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At Vathi you can find every service you need: banks, a market with everything you want, touristic facilities and of course lots of sightseeing such as the Archaeological Museum, the Folklore Museum, The Theatrical Library, The cave of “Nimfon” where Odysseus had hidden the gifts from Faiakes, the place where Odysseus Androutsos was born to and lots more that you will find out in your staying at the magnificent island!

You can enjoy swimming to one of our famous beaches Paliokaravo, Loutsa, Filiatro, Skinos, Dexa, Aetos and Piso Aetos.

How to arrive:

By car/bus:

From Athens by bus (KTEL) to Vathi through Patras port – Sami (bus – port – ferry boat). Duration 9 hours total.

Ferry boats:

Οδύσσειον Appartments

From Patra’s port to Vathi (duration 4 hours and 30 min).

From Astako’s port (Aitoloakarnania) to Vathi (duration 2 hours).

By plane:

From Athens to Kefalonia and from there to Ithaca.

Useful numbers (code for Greece 0030):

Port authority of Patra                      2610-341024,341002
Port authority of Sami                         26740 22031
Port authority of Ithaca (Vathi)           26740-32629,32909
K.T.E.L. KEFALINIAS IN ATHENS      210-5129448
Municipality of Ithaca                                 26740-32795,32197
STRINTZIS LINES at Athens    210-3311862
STRINTZIS LINES at Patra    2610-634000


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View to Vathi.



Οδύσσειον AppartmentsVathi

View to Vathi.